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Make money online referring your friends and family to Wander East!  

Wander East is a new clothing line that designs and manufactures quality clothing. Super timeless designs that are made of really cool materials. Our clothing and accessories are expensive because they are all hand made with quality material!  We want to get our name out there, show off our stuff. We came up with an idea where people can help each other make a few dollars. Reinvent online shopping. By Sharing. You can receive 20% of every sale you refer to our website.  Here is how it works:

Learn About Us and check out our simple, unique fashion. Order something you like!

Put one Platinum member in your cart. If you are buying merchandise as well, use coupon code FOUNDER10. This will give you 10% off. 

Pay a one time five dollar fee for Platinum membership. This is to generate a unique coupon code to share and for tracking your sales.

We will send your unique coupon code to share with others. This code entitles them to 10% off anything and is your code so we know who referred customer.  

Once we receive payment from customer (make sure they use your code); we will deposit  20% of total sale into your PayPal account from our PayPal account (PayPal fees will apply). If you do not have PayPal; get it. If you can not, we will find a different way based on your location to get you paid. We do not want your bank information. 

We will never ask you for sensitive or private information.  Just your PayPal Information.  Reporting of this income is your responsibility.  Feel free to email any questions or comments. We want you to enjoy our clothing, make a few bucks, and stay safe!

Wander East is fully registered and incorporated in Cambodia (home of our fair trade factory) VAT TIN B116-901095936.We are a sustainable, fully transparent clothing company.  We give back to the community and take care of our employees. Any one is welcome to visit our factory in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Watch some of our videos on this site or YouTube.

We ship using DHL Global Express direct from our factory.




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